Monday, July 20, 2009

Time for School

[posted on behalf of Abby D.]

What an exhausting but memorable day. Today we visited several schools in Weihai. In the morning, half of the group visited a middle school and the other half visited an elementary school. We were treated to tours of each school, which included dance performances, art exhibits, calligraphy demonstrations and much more. At these schools we also taught short lessons to groups of middle and high school students who are in summer programs to learn English. Students, visiting parents, and observing teachers all loved the lessons and expressed their appreciation for our teachers’ work. Helen and Anne O. were even interviewed by a local TV station that was covering our visit.

After lunch, our group split again to visit additional schools. Two of the schools we visited had a focus on the arts, and the student work we observed was unbelievable. Even elementary students were creating beautiful calligraphy and brush paintings.

In addition to classroom observation, we were able to sit with teachers and administrators from the schools and exchange questions. The Tiancun Elementary School seemed quite innovative. They had a particular focus on parent involvement, and the principal described the many ways they help parents to support their children at home and help them to be successful students.

The day ended with a banquet hosted by the Chair of the Weihai Education Association. It was a bit overwhelming to absorb so much in one day, but the welcomes we received were so warm and hospitable. We will never forget the experience.

Photos: 1) a young student doing calligraphy, 2) Annie O. and Helen being interviewed, 3) the audience for some of our lessons, 4) elementary students drawing
Video: dance performance


Stephen O'D said...

Way to go Mom you made the 6:00 news! Looks like a great time and the sunrise from atop the mountain yesterday looked unbelievable.

peter said...

I am so pleased that your stay in Weihai and the school experiences are going so well. I hope that you have a clear sky on Wednesday for the solar eclipse.

Linda said...

It must have been really exciting to actually see the educational system there and be able to teach. I think that it was Anne and Helen being interviewed by the reporters and not Anne and Nancy. Thanks for the daily updates. They are very interesting.
Linda D.

Claire said...

I am so glad you are having such a memorable trip Lila. Can't wait to hear about all your adventures. Shanghai should be a wonderful place to reflect on China's future direction.

Julia de la Torre said...

Thanks, Linda. I made the change to the name, and my apologies to Helen for getting her name wrong.