Sunday, July 12, 2009

Arrival in Beijing!

[posted on behalf of Abby D.]

We have arrived and we are all doing well! We did need to get our temperatures taken on the plane to determine if we were swine flu risks, and three of our teachers were checked again in the airport, but we were all deemed fine! An afternoon arrival meant that some of us rested before dinner and some took exploratory walks on and around Wangfujing Street, a very busy shopping district. Mike, Helen and Anne O. were among the adventurous who checked out the area near our hotel. Fern and Jeanne noticed a cluster of hutongs nearby and wondered if these traditional homes would be destroyed to make way for more modern buildings, or if they might be spared and maintained as historically significant structures. Time will tell.

Today we will climb the Great Wall, which we are all very excited about. Please note: we are having some technical difficulties which may delay the posting of new information. We'll do our best, however, to get this blog updated.

Photo: group dinner in Beijing


Jill said...

thanks for posting an update. it's great to see a picture of everyone. have an amazing time climbing the great wall of china. i'll look forward to the next post! jill (amy's sister)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to travel with you vicariously. Thanks for the website. Hope you all had a wonderful flight and are having an amazing time already. Looking forward to travelling with you each day. Helen and Ann's friend Linda aka Mrs. DeHaHaan

Anonymous said...



Stephen said...

Great to see a live pic of everyone my Mom (Anne O.) has been talking about for as long as she has been planning what sounds like such a wonderful trip. Just wanted everyone to say a prayer for her as Friday night her Father passed. Letting her know we will put him to rest, and everyone enjoy the trip!
Best wishes from Framingham,Milton,Dorchester

Anonymous said...

Hey Mom (Helen Higgins). Happy to hear you have arrived. Very proud of you. Keep in touch. Love Alex and Dad

julianne said...

I love you so happy to see your face at the great wall of China....All of the Forrelli and ruggelo clan send their trip...many blessings and prayers to someone who I know is having an awesomw not forget about the silk...Olive sends her love. Julianne

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne and Helen
You guys look gerat! Have so much fun and take lots of pictures! I can't wait to see them! Be safe and have a wonderful time!

Linda said...

Anne O
So sorry to hear about your Dad. I'm sure your Dad would be happy to know that you are having this experience and that all your wonderful memories will help you through this difficult time.
Love to Helen and wish everyone a happy trip.
Linda DeHaan

VBoston said...

Hey mom (Nancy Verdolino),
Ni xi hua beijing kao ya ma? Wo xi wang ni yi qie dou hao. Wo xi hua ni de zhao pian.
How's the beijing duck? I hope you are having a great time. By the way, nice picture!
Love Danny (and Yan on the translation!)

mmoraes said...

Hi Helen and Anne O,
I'm so glad you are having this great experience!
Anne, I'm sorry for your loss, and just like Linda said, I am sure your Dad would be happy you are having this experience.
Enjoy every minute, my friends!