Monday, April 7, 2008

Five Days to China!

This Saturday morning, Primary Source will take a group of 16 wonderful teachers to China for two weeks. In preparation for this experience, each teacher has completed a series of seminars with Primary Source on China's history, people, and culture. They have waited a long time for this amazing learning opportunity and are busy packing for our upcoming departure.

The teachers will be accompanied by Wanli Hu of UMass Boston, as well as Julia de la Torre (me) and Jennifer Hanson of Primary Source. Julia is an Associate Program Director and Jennifer is the organization's librarian. Together, we will update this blog as often as possible during our trip so that you--teachers, families, friends, colleagues, and guests--can follow our experiences in China. Cross your fingers for reliable Internet access!

We will begin our journey with a 16 hour flight from Boston to Chicago to Beijing on Saturday, where we will stay for four days. From Beijing, we will take an overnight train to Xi'an, where we will stay for six days including an overnight stay with a host family. We will then fly to Shanghai and stay there for the remainder of our trip, with one short excursion to Suzhou.

We look forward to sharing our stories and pictures with you. Enjoy the blog and feel free to share it with others who are curious about life in China.

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Barbara said...

xie xie for the wonderful update, Julia! Can't wait to read more about the group's adventures. Love, your sister, Barbara. :)